Get to Know Josiah

Josiah Morrow is an active member of the Haverhill community, having worked for years to better the city his family has called home for generations.

Josiah's ties to Haverhill run deep and contribute to his commitment to the community. His grandfather, Edward "Scotty" Morrow, served as a State Representative and as a member of the School Committee; his great-uncle, Kenneth Morrow, was the well-respected freshman unit director at Haverhill High School for many years; and his cousin, William Morrow, was a City Councilor.

Haverhill has always been the focus of Josiah's attention and energy. His involvements in the community include:

  • Downtown Parking Commissioner: As the youngest regulatory official in Haverhill history, Josiah has worked to revitalize the downtown parking plan with an emphasis on supporting downtown businesses and standardizing rules and rates. Josiah was appointed by Mayor Fiorentini and unanimously confirmed by the City Council.

  • Founder & Manager of Today in Haverhill: In 2018, Josiah founded Today in Haverhill, a multi-media positive news platform focused on bringing the community together around its best moments. Today in Haverhill reaches thousands of Hilles every day, and through the organization Josiah has recently led the effort to create the Haverhill Covid-19 time capsule.

  • Covid-19 Screener at Merrivista: Working in a health care facility during the pandemic, Josiah has gained a keen understanding for the views and needs of senior citizens during the coronavirus crisis.

  • President of the Board of Directors at Asperger Works: Josiah joined Asperger Works due to his commitment to helping those on the autism spectrum. With the organization, Josiah orchestrated an event recognizing winners of the 2020 Haverhill Commission on Disability Issues scholarships and facilitated the group's recent relocation to Haverhill.

  • League of Women Voters of Greater Haverhill: Given his commitment to civic activism and voter education, Josiah has been deeply involved with the LWVGH. Josiah singularly organized the group's well-received 2019 candidate forum, participated actively in planning the League's Suffragette March, and oversaw voter registration drives which brought new residents into the political process.

  • Member of the Board of Directors at Eammon's Heart Foundation: The prevalence of the opioid pandemic in our city and region is of great concern to Josiah, which is why he joined the board of Eammon's Heart Foundation, which focuses on prevention and early intervention to stop the disease of addiction before it begins.

  • Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce: Across numerous stints with the Chamber, Josiah has actively participated in a myriad of programs and events to bring the community together and boost small businesses. Whether pounding the pavement to deliver visitor guides or helping pull together beloved events like the Christmas Stroll and KidsFEST, Josiah has been at the forefront of many Chamber initiatives.

Would you like to know more about Josiah? Feel free to reach him at any time at 978-821-5002 or